Category: photography

Difficult information

Illustrations for MindLab picturing how difficult it could be for entrepeneurs to get a clear picture of why they have to report all kinds of information about their business’s


An experimental study of museum Lolland-Falster’s work with collecting information about contemporary everyday life in local communities. The focal point in this case is a housing complex in the border town Rødbyhavn, where four residents agreed to meet with us and share their life stories.

Day of the Dead

Photo series made with Rockaulla to commemorate the Mexican holliday Dia de los muertos


A visual study of the northern harbor in Copenhagen

Cultural Activities

A pilot project for Valby Cultural Center, where they wanted to get an insight into which types of young residents you could find in Valby, especially the ones that did not use the different cultural activities they offered.

Poster Suggestions

Three examples for two different cultural events in Copenhagen

Blok P

This is a project about the apartmentblock Blok P in Nuuk, Greenland.

Blueprint 2045

Suggestion for a newspaper in the year 2045.


Fanzine produced at a one week course at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design