A pilot project for Valby Cultural Center, where they wanted to get an insight into which types of young residents you could find in Valby, especially the ones that did not use the different cultural activities they offered. My first assignment was to make ten different personas

In my research I went out to the different parts of Valby to speak to people in the age group 13-25. I asked them to take me for a trip around their neighbourhood and tell me what sort of activities one could do there, to learn more about the different parts of Valby

Next I developed a design game for the next interviews to create a common understanding of what the project was about. The game was in three parts; the construction site, the target board and the map of Valby

I illustrated cards with activities from my conversations with both the young inhabitants of Valby, the pedagogues in the youth clubs and the employees at the cultural instistutions

The construction site should be built up by all the activities they wished were existing in their neighbourhood in and notes on why they were important

The target board functioned as a priority tool, where they should only choose the most important activities from the construction site and place them according to their importance

The map of Valby was to be filled with the activities closest to the inner circle of the target, but only one of the activities could be placed in their own neighbourhood, while the rest should be places according to how far they would travel to use the activity. Here they were also asked to consider who the stakeholders might be and what kind of challenges the new activities might face