Poster and visual identity for ORKESTERFESTIVALEN 2015. A one day celebration of orchestral music played by children and adolescents in the DR Concert Hall.

ORKESTERPLAKAT 2015The work has been made in collaboration with Käthe Espersen

Astrid the violinAstrid the violin is a bit strict. The others think that she is trying to decide everything by swinging her bow as if it was the conductor’s baton. But it is actually mostly to help Folmer Bassoon.

Folmer BassoonFolmer seems somewhat odd. There are so many gadgets to keep track of that he gets confused and ends up mumbling into his beard.

Hansen & Ibsen the timpani cousinsThe timpani cousins Hansen and Ibsen are a couple of brawlers who can take a couple of beatings to their heads and still have a good time. Even when the music gets serious and it becomes more difficult to keep up.

Bob the tubaBob the tuba is a little smug because he played in a blues band in America once. Now he consistently plays half Danish half English, but the others have grown accustomed to this as a part of their common sound.

Bella the celloBella the cello easily dreams herself away into her own musical universe. It feels great to be in the middle of it all and just dream.

Over the clarinetThe clarinet Ove, with his four arms, is a bit more in control than Folmer and therefore he has time to fool around a bit when he is not on. Then the timpani cousins can taste a bit of their own medicine – but they can take it.

Ursulla the French hornThe french horn Ursula is used to wait patiently till it is her turn. She enjoys listening to the rest of the small orchestra until she can play her part.