A pilot project that examines whether, a design game that focuses on utilization of leftover food, can contribute with solutions on our world’s climate challenges, by supplementing primary school teaching with design methods that can develop young people’s ideas and creative measures for a more sustainable future.

We received funding from Statens Kunstfond and Norlys to be able to start the pilot project FRA REST TIL RET. It involved developing a design game where leftovers from three evening meals are chosen as the basis of the game. The players can choose one of six characters who, using their respective cooking methods, can transform all leftovers into a delicious new dish.

Part 1: leftovers are placed in relevant places on the kitchen landscape
Part two: characters are introduced
Character animations
Examples of new dishes based on leftovers and characters
What if the dish was different?

The design game tests in different ways how you can use everyday leftovers in an inspiring and tasty way. The game was tested by 48 fifth-graders from Fourfeldtskolen Bohr in Esbjerg for a game workshop and a subsequent cooking workshop in collaboration with Alex Strunck from Rybner’s cooking school, where the students had to prepare one of the dishes from the game.