Category: illustration


A pilot project that examines how a design game, can contribute with solutions to the world’s climate challenges.

JORTON materiel

Icons for JORTON A/S, to be used as featured images in their product catalogue.

Kulturcenter Kildevæld

Posters for the cultural center in outer Østerbro, which illustrate different buildings and areas in the neighborhood.

6 piece illustration

For the new children’s area at Østerbro Bibliotek. Every part is made to fit whichever other remaining five parts, and can be turned to all four sides.

Ocho Loco

I heard the words “Ocho Loco” and they kept popping up in my head. I made these animations to make it stop.

Micro Companies

Illustrations for a unit in the Danish Business Authority working for making it easier to run businesses in Denmark.

ETIOPIEN en børnebog

This is an illustrated children’s book about Ethiopia’s culture, history and traditions.

Ethiopia Posters

These posters are part of the material for the illustrated children’s book about Ethiopia. All of the proceeds from the posters and the book goes to Etiopiens Børn

Øbro Amazonas

Design of an activity room for babies and toddlers in Øbro-Hallen. The first public indoor swimming pool in Denmark.

Cancer infographics

These infographics were developed in a collaboration with MindLab and the staff and patients at Finsens Centre in Rigshospitalet.


Signs for the different rooms at Urtehaven (The Herbal Garden), an integrated day nursery and kindergarten in Copenhagen.

Culture Østerbro

Redesign of imagery for Culture Østerbro, part of the Culture and Leisure Management of Copenhagen.


Four residents from a housing complex in the border town Rødbyhavn, agreed to meet with us and share their life stories.

Wall bird

120×120 cm dotted sparrow bird. Acrylic  marker on wall

Instructional Drawings

Illustrations for products in Tiger stores.


Poster for KULTURHAVN 2014. Harbor festival in Copenhagen

Nice Neighbourhood

Suggestion for a GoCard postcard, illustrating what i perceive to be fucking nice. Competition by the company Fucking Flink

Bike Shop Poster

Hand drawn poster with pen and ink

A Design Game Example

This is a generic design game, developed with joachim Halse on the basis of a former project from the CoDesign Research Cluster, about waste handling in an apartment building.


A visual study of the northern harbor in Copenhagen

Matyldas Coffee Liqueur

Home made coffee liquor and labels.

All I Need

Poster with 100 illustrated personal items


illustrations for Vabank; a book with 1247 black/white pictorial motifs by various artists.

What About Tax

Storyboard from a time when we didn’t want to use the phone for something as serious as our taxes.